BoCa En BoCa no. 8

BoCa En BoCa’s eighth issue (October 2010) has recently been released.  It is available for download here.

BoCa En BoCa 8, English version (pdf)

BoCa En BoCa 8, Spanish version (pdf)

An independent, autonomous magazine, BoCa En BoCa works to “disseminate what happens in the organized indigenous communities of Chiapas through news summaries or excerpts from their  communiqués, to denounce the government’s strateg[ies], and to promote solidarity among the communities,” in the words of its editors.  Inter alia, this issue features reports on the recent displacement of some 170 Zapatistas, expressions of support for the residents of San Juan Copalá from the Abejas of Acteal, coverage of the land-rights controversy in Tila, and personal reflections on the life of famed French anthropologist Andrés Aubry by a close friend of his.

One Response to “BoCa En BoCa no. 8”

  1. Clark Says:

    Is there a website where these are published regularly?

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