BoCa En BoCa no. 20

BoCa En BoCa’s twentieth issue (April 2012) has recently been released and translated into English.  As on the Espoir Chiapas website, it is also reproduced for download here.

BoCa En BoCa 20, English version (pdf)

BoCa En BoCa 20, en Castellano (pdf)

This issue of BeB seeks to “mark International Women’s Day, but also: – The peoples of the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve organizing themselves against increasing attempts at evictions, – The National Liberation Front for Socialism (FNLS) denouncing the vicious effects of the crisis and government repression, – The sit-in, along with a hunger strike by the Centre of Campesino and Popular Organizations (COCYP Chiapas), for the freedom of their political prisoners, – The solidarity of the prisoners in Chiapas with the political prisoner Alberto Patishtan, still detained in Sinaloa, – The dignified struggle for territory and natural resources of Val di Suza, Italy And more…”

The editors call on their readers to “support us in spreading the just word of Chiapas, Mexico” toward the end of “aim[ing] to oppose the strategy of the [Mexican] government and generat[ing] solidarity among the people by providing summaries and extracts from the communities’ news releases.”

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