Imperiled Life Canada, Pacific Northwest, and West Coast tour

The fourth branching of the ongoing international speaking tour for Imperiled Life: Revolution against Climate Catastrophe continues on into Québec, the Pacific Northwest, and California in the near future.  Here is the schedule thus far:

Librairie Anarchiste L’Insoumise, Montreal, Québec, Friday 17 August, 7pm (NOTE: this event has been cancelled due to the Canadian border police’s absurd refusal to allow me entry to the country)

Rhizome Café, Vancouver, British Columbia, Thursday 23 August, 7pm

Seattle Anarchist Bookfair, at the ‘Anarchy and Climate Crisis’ panel, 25-26 August

Left Bank Books, Seattle, Washington, Monday 27 August, 7:30pm

Last Word Books, Olympia, Washington, Wednesday 29 August, 6pm

Los Ángeles Anarchist Bookfair, Saturday 8 September, 2:00pm (at the sala Ricardo Flores Magón)

Earth Solidarity Front-Occupy Los Angeles, Wednesday 12 September, 4:00pm

Dates and locations in Oregon TBA for late September-early October

At Rhizome Café, 23 August

At the Los Ángeles anarchist bookfair, 8 September


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