For an Ecological Anarcho-Communism

Below is my video-address to the Fourth Annual North American Anarchist Studies Network (NAASN) Conference being held from 4 to 6 January 2013 in New Orleans.  It will represent my intervention for Panel 5, to be held tomorrow afternoon.

From the abstract for my presentation:

“It cannot be doubted that the prevailing forms of humanity’s societal constitution presently threaten humanity’s own survival, as well as that of countless—indeed, millions—of other terrestrial and marine species. This problematic is seen clearly through reflection on the phenomenon of capital-induced climate catastrophe, which is only the most alarming manifestation of the multifaceted environmental crisis currently being prosecuted by global capitalism….  The present historical juncture, then, is largely a negative one; social redemption—liberation, revolution—is glaringly absent, and we all suffer this lack—some, of course, far more than others. Rather than reside within a lifeworld based, as we should like, on affirmative forms of inter-relating, we confront a world ‘radiant with calamity’ (Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer). And yet, despite the very real threat of ascendant barbarism, the future course of world history ‘is not absolutely conclusive,’ as Adorno remarks in his Negative Dialectics, however highly alienating and destructive its present direction. Against these bleak prospects, it would seem that transformative social change—revolution—is the end toward which we must focus our efforts. As I develop these thoughts in Imperiled Life, and particularly in its concluding chapter, ‘For an Ecological Anarcho-Communism,’ it would seem that only by means of the natality promised by the prospect of the abolition of prevailing hegemony—through subversion, insurrection, general strike—that a ‘happy end’ (Bloch) can be secured for future generations, the presently oppressed, youth, and non-human nature.”

Many thanks to my comrade Ben for filming and uploading the video.

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