IWW EUC, “Capital Blight: Old Wine in New Bottles; Why Obama’s ‘Bold’ Announcement on Climate Change Gives the Fossil Fuel Industry Just About Everything it Wants”


This is a link to a solid review and critique of Obama’s 25 June speech on climate change at Georgetown University, hailed as a “breakthrough” in much of the main.  It is reposted from the Industrial Workers’ of the World Environmental Union Caucus, written by the anonymous x344543 (25 June).  An excerpt, which is the close:

“Today the opposition is a polyglot of anarchist, socialist, and liberal-left tendencies, and the alliances between them–if they exist at all, is quite fragile. Obama’s speech seems to be designed to do at least the following:

  • (1) Coopt dissent from more conservative elements on what passes for “the left” and the environmental movement;
  • (2) Create the illusion of opposition to fossil fuel dominated capitalist interests (which will be pilloried from the extreme right as being job killing, pie-in-the-sky, anti-business, anti-free-market communism, when in fact it’s nothing of the sort) so that Obama can claim he is taking a progressive stand;
  • (3) Providing cover for the capitalists by splintering the opposition, which –until today, at least–has grown, albeit haphazardly.

And it’s already working. My fellow workers have recently raised awareness [here and here] about the less-than-savory nature of the big environmental NGOs, and–as they would have no doubt predicted–many of them have jumped for joy at Obama’s speech and neglected to mention all of the seriously big problems in it.

This will no doubt cause tension and fractures within what was a potentially powerful and growing opposition to the fossil fuel industry, and with it–quite possibly–capitalism itself. Our job is to make sure that doesn’t happen, because if it does, we move yet one step closer to our collective doom, and we’re frighteningly close now.”

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