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Natality with Hannah

December 25, 2011


The close to Hannah Arendt’s “Unpredictability and the Power of Promise,” from The Human Condition (1958, p. 246-7):

“If left to themselves, human affairs can only follow the law of mortality, which is the most certain and the only reliable law of a life spent between birth and death. It is the faculty of action that interferes with this law because it interrupts the inexorable automatic course of daily life, which in its turn, as we [see], interrupt[s] and interfere[s] with the cycle of the biological life process. The life span of man [sic] running toward death would inevitably carry everything human to ruin and destruction if it were not for the faculty of interrupting it and beginning something new, a faculty which is inherent in action like an ever-present reminder that men, though they must die, are not born in order to die but in order to begin. Yet just as from the standpoint of nature, the rectilinear movement of man’s life-span between birth and death looks like a peculiar deviation from the common natural rule of cyclical movement, thus action, seen from the viewpoint of the automatic processes which seem to determine the course of the world, looks like a miracle. In the language of natural science, it is the ‘infinite improbability which occurs regularly.’ […]

The miracle that saves the world, the realm of human affairs, from its normal, ‘natural’ ruin is ultimately the fact of natality, in which the faculty of action is ontologically rooted. It is in, in other words, the birth of new [humans] and the new beginning, the action they are capable of by virtue of being born. Only the full experience of this capacity can bestow upon human affairs faith and hope […].”

Some chemical and biological implications of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster

December 18, 2011

Ngo Van, “Saigon Insurrection” (1945)

The .pdf below is a copy of the presentation I delivered on 14 December regarding the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill-disaster.

Deepwater Horizon Macondo.pdf